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When I say I go back to the original ignition, I swap in a different, non wasted spark, EZK, transfer the plug wires back to the distributor, hook the coil back up, and install the coil wire.

After failures it would not run after cooling down. I've even tried both failed boxes again with no change.

I haven't messed with the CPS at all. The first time this happened I ordered a new one, but when it turned out the EZK was the failure, I put it on the shelf for an engine I'm building. (But I'd like to run wasted spark on the new engine, so I'm trying to get this straightened out.)

The only thing the failed boxes have in common is that they're for turbo cars; one was a gold box. The original pink label NA box is the one I always revert back to, and it's fine.
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