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Originally Posted by bobxyz View Post
The wasted spark board wiring looks OK (it took me a moment to realize that it was coated in RTV).

For ignitor/coil power/ground, I'd splice into the original coil power wire (blue?) to supply power to the ignitor and coil. For ground, it should go to the bolts on the intake manifold along with the other ground ring lugs. 16 or 18 gauge wire is sufficient.

Have you tried a wasted spark ezk with the original coil/ignitor/plug wires, and the new ignitor unplugged? Adding the wasted spark board shouldn't affect the original functionality.
It's dielectric grease. I thought I had a water intrusion problem for a minute.

I have run them in that configuration, yes. They work fine, and then they just don't. I could with 100% confidence put this wasted spark board in another EZK today (if I had one with me) and drive for weeks, or even months just fine. All the way up until the point that the EZK fails.

I have had 1 ignitor fail which dropped out two cylinders, and I have a spare ignitor besides the one I've been using. I suppose I could try swapping them for the next time I feel like swapping EZKs and changing the wiring around. The coil is brand new, RockAuto had them pretty cheap awhile back.

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