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Originally Posted by hessam69 View Post
Thank you. Now please do a 240 version
I'm doing on in a 240 - behind an LS engine. Some quick highlights:
1) Tunnel bashing - it takes a moderate amount. The 240 tunnel gets narrower as it goes back, but the CD009 has a bulky midsection. As well as some protruding bolts that hold shifter detent springs back on the tail end. I didn't need an air hammer, just a regular mini-sledge, but I had to move metal around a fair amount on both sides of the tunnel. To help minimize the bashing/maximize the wiggle room afterward - I also carefully ground off some bumps and lumps on the outside of the CD009's case.

2) Shifter - the 240 has the shifter further forward by a few inches vs. a 700/900 car. This makes using even the shortest rear-mounted CD009 a no-go on a 240 - you'd have to chop out the back end of the shifter area. Which who knows, maybe you'd be ok with that. I got a top-mount shifter conversion, which (afaik, and at least it was that way when i was buying parts) is only made by one company - CBF Performance. This set my whole project behind a fair amount because it took them a good 6-ish months to get the shifter to me, and I was a bit reluctant to proceed on everything else without this major piece in place. Anyhow, it finally got here, and this is a far better fit for a 240. In my case - it's slightly forward of where it would be a best fit - but I have my LS sitting an inch or so further forward as well - just to minimize various other clearance issues under the hood. I used a hole saw to chop out a semi-circle on the front edge of the 240 shifter hole (offset to the driver's side since the shifter is not centered) - and am using an offset extension on the shifter lever to move it to the proper position in the center of the 240's shifter hole.

I'm also using a 260 hydraulic clutch master cylinder and an LS1 T56 slave cylinder. The 260 master cylinder bore matches the LS1 T56 Camaro's master cylinder, so hopefully it will work properly. I still haven't hooked this up yet, however.

I'm using a Collins adapter on my LS swap. This uses almost all stock LS1 Camaro components: bellhousing, starter, flywheel, pressure plate, slave cylinder. The bellhousing bolts to the adapter plate, and there is a specially made clutch disc.
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