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Originally Posted by poulrais View Post
You don't have the 350/370z and G35/37 models in Australia?
Im from New Zealand and we do. Im sure they do there also.
Sorry i havent updated this as i promised.
I actually lost my license 3 weeks into CD009 and chill.
6months of my mate driving my car while i try not to get caught driving to work in his nissan primera.
Clutch is super worn as it slipped on me in 5th, serves me right for buying a cheap 6puck.
I also got burgled recently and lost a brand new gtx 35/82R and a turbosmart comp 40 gate. Which insurance wont cover.
I am buying the yoshifab flywheel kit because i really cant be ****ed trying to find decent clutch set ups in my homeland for this wack setup. Atleast with that i can get off the shelf stuff.
Will update soon as to how i get on.
License back 9th august (providing i survive this driving while disqualified charge) and post fixed and updated when my self pitty depression lifts.
But gearbox is holding up good as far as i know.
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