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Originally Posted by roastyleg View Post
What flywheel and clutch setup are you running in the z?
What kind of noises are expected?
Chasing a few leads on cd009 here in aus or maybe import a brand new unit from the states if the wallet permits.
I'll have to check the brand/model and report back. It's a lightweight single mass FW instead of the OEM dual mass and a stage 3 clutch.

I could source 2 X 2018 370z Nismo 6 speed trannies here for around $1900 CAD (approx $2100 AUD) + shipping and another one form a 2011 370z Nismo for probably around $950 CAD ($1050 AUD)

A new CD009 from the US would be around $2750 AUD + Shipping.

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