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Originally Posted by James M View Post
I'm only finding 225mm KA24 clutch disks, is that what your using? I was under the impression the dog-dish was made for 228mm disks.
I have just pulled my B200FT and replaced with a B230FT. In doing so i also decided to upgrade to the yoshifab 235mm package.
I can confirm the original clutch i ran with the setup was to small. it worked, and got me going, but it unevenly wore the flywheel and pressure plate.
it was the cheapest way to get the car going and it does work, its just not ideal.
it lasted me long enough to save the nearly $2000 Nzd i needed for the better setup.
The cheaper alternative that i was going to get was the clutch upgrade that Yoshifab sells, the main reason i diddnt was so in future i can buy shelf stuff for my car locally.

Once i get this POS no start issue sorted ill upload some more photos and throw some decent miles on the swap to review it properly.
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