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best thing you can do is experiment.
if youve got a dslr, get a couple of off camera flashes. lighting is key, and having some flashes lets you control the lighting.
what i do is put the camera on a tripod and take multiple exposures with the flashes in different locations, then merge all the layers together in photoshop.



obviously, not everyone has access to a dslr and flashes, so youll be needing to use available light. the best light happens at sunrise and sunset. its soft, has good tone and comes in at an angle. unless you want a silhouette, you'll want the side of the car youre photographing to face the sun. make sure youre at an angle where you don't get your reflection or shadow on the car. the best looking photos (IMO) have the sky reflected in the windows.

another thing you can do is wait till its a bit darker, put the camera on a tripod, and take a long exposure (30 seconds or so). walk around the car with a light of some kind and shine it at the parts you want to highlight. experiment with different coloured and shaped lights, lighting different areas and moving the light around at different angles.

the most important part is to experiment, practice, and keep at it. theres is no formula on how to take a good car picture, or on how to take a good picture of anything for that matter, there are merely things to keep in mind as you experiment.

good luck!

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