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Default Garrett T3 (from b204GT) - regeneration or swap?

I have b230ft engine with a few mods:
- garret t3 turbo
- 440cc green giants
- custom IC
- 3" MAF
- 3" DP with 2,5" open exhaust.
- stage4 chip
- some more...

My turbo is Garrett T3 from b204gt engine. I need 1,3bar (19psi)of boost.

My garrett needs regeneration. Boost falls from 1,3bar to 0,8bar and the turbocharger has oil leaks...

And now the question. Is that turbocharger worth regeneration?

If it isn't worth it, which turbocharger can I buy?

(I know that Td04hl-19t will be perfect, but to put it I need to change exhaust manifold, DP, oil feed and water feed).
If I buy new turbo, I wanted to put it p&p without many other modifications.
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