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Plugs were changed about 2K miles prior to this happening. I re-checked the basic timing today in case I missed something the last time. Everything is right on the mark....

Threw a multimeter on the connector (ECU side) with the connector disconnected.

Pin 1: Ground = good
Pin 2: Reference = 12V (probably not good, should be 5v?)
Pin 3: Battery voltage = Good

VADIS\VIDA procedure calls for a bulb to be connected on pin two to test it.
Post above and a video I saw on at 850 on motronic 4.x mentioned 5v, but it's not clear if thats with the connector plugged into the CPS or not.

Reseated the ECM\ECU... no change.

I'm out of time today, will have to re-visit tomorrow.
Have not checked the sensor itself yet... but since I have 12v on the reference signal... I think I might have a bigger problem....

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