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Code is EFI-314 or P0340

Motronic 4.4 disables misfire detection when a cam sensor problem is present. I followed the VIDA\VADIS procedure to check the cam timing system, it recommended to swap the sensor. I ran a crude test by measuring the voltage between pins 2 & 3 and passing metal across the hall sensor... voltage stayed steady so it seems it's screwed. Everything else checks out.

That said, I don't think the cam sensor issue is related to the drivability problems (other than a longer than usual crank to start). Apparently the CPS is used for startup, then while running it's used to help with misfire and knock detection. But otherwise it's not used for anything performance related. In the absence of a signal from the CPS, the coils fire at every turn vs only on the combustion stroke.

The "cut" only happens under two, very specific circumstances:

Neutral around 2800RPM
In gear at 75% + throttle at 3800RPM

Otherwise it's fine. Slow as hell, but fine. Calculated load value didn't exceed 65% when I tested it at full throttle last week, so something isn't right.
Once I have the new CPS in I'll hopefully have a better picture.
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