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Originally Posted by Duder View Post

That being said I smeared a light coating of Permatex Ultra Gray on both sealing surfaces of my B230FT pan gasket. Hasn't run yet so I'm not sure this was the right move.
For what it's worth, Jim Grubbs motorsports in Valencia built this engine and they used a thick smear of what looked to be Permatex Ultra Black on and around the seam of both surfaces. It looked like they smoothed a bead with their finger. Based on the amount of time it took to clean off, I'm confident it never would have leaked. I wonder if they did it only because of the scraper, if they do it for all engines, or just iron to steel interfaces.

When you run your B230FT, I'd be interested to hear how the gasket holds up.
1982 242 Turbo.
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