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Originally Posted by TwoFour-T View Post
All the clunking and the engine bucking is definitely the locker, it's a very aggressive design used mainly in 4x4s. It's not a clutch style, it's called a Powertrax Lock Right and it literally uses teeth that lock both axles shafts together when you apply power (look up a good explanation, they're cool). Since it's been lowered and the bushings are likely original, the clunkiness is exacerbated. The engine almost dying is probably a vacuum leak, It did that when I had it, just let off slowly and the engine speed won't dip.

It never had that loud of a ticking noise when I had it.
Thanks. I think the ticking is exhaust related. Pushing the tailpipe with my foot makes it tick faster for a few seconds.
I don't know what I have
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