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I guess I should have asked for a "modern almost bolt on replacement turbo in new form." Not turbobricks cheap... I suspect a new unit would be in the 500-600$ range. I'm just looking for the least headache and downtime. I am not unimpressed with how peppy it is even as an non-IC, and I suspect once I add the intercooler I'll still be enjoying it. I'm not a racecar driver, I do like to get on it in some twisties, though.

The car will eventually go to intercooled. The housing was cracked clean through. About 4 inches on either side of the WG puck. I guess converting over to Mitsubishi **** is an option, but I'd prefer to get it as close to original as possible. I have all the stuff TO convert to Mitsu sitting here at the shop, but like you said I'll still probably be running into tired ass old turbos. I want new so it can run solid for another 30 years. Uprated turbo or not. If going up in size a wee bit is necessary... No problem.
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