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Originally Posted by 122power View Post
Get some bolts off of a 7 or 9 series if you don't want those studs sticking out of the water pump pulley.
Plan is to shave them and install the valve cover acorn nuts instead

Originally Posted by 122power View Post
I like the later style power steering pump-integral reservoir, I need to get one someday.
I have several low mileage ps (early) pumps but this one cleans up the engine bay - every little bit helps.

That sensor will end up in the lower hose when I swap the heads.
before I installed it I tried searching for it for a few min and then gave up looking.
Later found I should have installed it in the lower hose. That damn thread is way too damn long.

Volvo installed theirs in the lower hose also

as far as updates go - heard from the machine shop. Guy says he needs to shave 13 thousandths off and its go go go
took off last part of the heat shield
went in to install my oil pressure sensor adapter (14m to npt whatever it is) Head broke off.... luckily I was able to reverse it out, now I need another one. No picture of this because I kicked it into the alley

Friday I have GT upper braces coming in via TB. I finally gave up and bought a used set since I haven't been able to find any at the yards
I don't know why I'm getting excited about them - I probably wont feel any difference

and since everyone likes pictures....

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