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While I'm certain you can "find your way" with LH2.2, consider an elegant alternative.... MegaSquirt MS2.

With LH2.2, you WILL be fighting all the "sins of the past", and whomever resto-modded your nice black 242. My son converted his 81 244 from CIS Kjet to MS; built his harness on a Saturday and fired it up that night! This after he went thru multiple LH2.2 ECUs, EZKs, harness tweaks, sensors, et al. Buy an appropriate copy of Tuner Studio, and you are on your way.

Of course, if you prevail, you will master all the previous sins and LH2.2..... and if it runs well, you won't be able to change fueling (much) if your thirst for power grows. Hence the beauty of MS.... it can change and grow as your vehicle does. LH2.2, well, not so much.

For my money, and ONE LEARNING CURVE, the MS way is the righteous way........ you decide, grasshopper!
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