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Default VOLVO 940 b200ft upgrades

hello turbobrikiens, greetings from Portugal!!!!!
im a prod owner of a volvo 940 b200ft with a m46 transmition
I would like to make some changes to my Volvo, but only after the transmission can handle.
I'm thinking of staying for 200-250
I was searching here in your forum and my model of car with this engine has little information ....
I know that with the original turbo I get up to 15 psi but I was willing to buy a new turbo .... and in relation to cam? and the clutch is worth making changes?
I want to make some changes but without spending a lot of money and also have to take into consideration that in portugal it is illegal to make changes ... but **** them ..
I am open to all your opinions and please tell me what parts to buy and tips
thank you all
"from ashes to CLASSIC"
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