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crappy pic of the big brakes lol I'm so bad at photography

put about 150 miles on it so far, definitely needs the tune dialed in, which I expected anyways, getting awful gas mileage and my tailpipe is black , wired in my wideband but apparently my o2 bung plug is seized and I cant actually install the sensor. gonna get that fixed.

I think I may switch to my wilwood 3/4" clutch master so I can have some adjustability , the stock Volvo master doesn't seem to completely disengage the twin disc clutch I have. it seems to shift fine if its the right mph/rpm for the next gear, but anything other than that is likes to fight me.

I also will adjust the transmission mount soon as I think the bellhousing is still hitting the firewall slightly on the top, getting a nasty vibration at like 2k rpm. but ive got the transmission spaced up about an inch off that mount that I can play with, just need to find motivation now that is snowing and cold around here lately

also got my 8.8 axle brackets in, that's pretty exciting and stressful at the same time, don't really want to mess with that but I know ill feel better once its done and installed

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