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Default 1991 740. CODE 4-1-3. Looking for greenbook info/help

I just bought a 1991 740. I noticed, after the purchase, that the check engine light bulb has been removed. No wonder he balked when I was asking if it had passed smog. So I swapped bulbs, and guess what, check engine light was on and came back first start of the engine after clearing it.

It has a code 4-1-3 stored for EGR temp sensor absent of faulty.

I have looked at the Volvo wiring website and I'm not finding the specs for the sensor. I'm going to do basic diag, but looking for help finding the specs for the sensor. I plan to activate the EGR valve manually and seeing what the readings on the sensor are during flow.

I wouldn't be surprised if this car has the wrong computer in it.
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