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Originally Posted by Duder View Post
Set the static timing at 10 degrees or as close as you can get using a timing light and rotating the distributor. Sometimes it's hard to tell. Verify idle speed too - there is a speed at which that acceptable timing range is defined by Volvo. Then prevent it from advancing by blocking off that vacuum hose to the ignition box with a BB in the end. Plug the hose back in so everything looks Kosher.
I think it's 750 rpm on the plaque if I remember correctly. And my idle is around there, about 700-800 by estimate. And can't I just tape the vacuum hose shut instead of risking getting a BB stuck?

The smog test before I bought the car says 12 but the one I failed at says 6, which means the timing has been retarded even though back in November, I advanced it to 13. So I turned the distributor back to it's original spot (easy to tell because it's a clean spot from where the bolt must have been for 32 years) and now the car feels different and pops/crackles a LOT more on deceleration. I'll be checking properly with a timing light that I go to 10-11. I just plugged both the hose and the diaphragm nipple with electrical tape.

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