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Default Volvo's That Run Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Transmission Cross Member, Bracket and Mount

The Diesel transmission cross member is usable and better suited than the gas car version as it has a third hole on each side in an extension. Fitting required drilling a hole in the center of the cross member opposite the factory mount hole and turning the cross member around 180 degrees. It also required elongating the bolt holes to match the unibody frame attachment points. My metal fabricator used a plasma torch to add about ½” to the elongated holes toward the ‘new’ front of the member. With those modifications all three of the bolt holes are usable.

Modified Cross Member Mount Holes

Mustang vs. Explorer Trans mount

Explorer transmission mount is too short to support the transmission in a correct horizontal position. I used a ’93 Mustang mount which is about 1 ½” higher. The Mustang mount bolt spacing is different from the Explorer so be sure to drill them correctly.

The transmission mount bracket is pretty simple. Again, I drilled all the holes a sixteenth inch larger than required for adjustment reasons.

Here is the mount bracket installed:

. . . . and the fabrication drawing:

The Mustang transmission mount turned out to be too high to allow alignment of the drive shaft. I took the original one back to NAPA and found one that was 1" shorter. That, plus another 3/8" of washers lowering the cross member, got the engine/transmission level with the frame.

The parent document to this thread can be found here:

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