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Default 160 head on B21FT

Alright, I have another form going on converting the KJet system on my B21FT. Currently my car has B23F in it running LH 2.1. I want to take my 160 head and put it on the B21Ft (also from an 84 but with KJet 398 head) since the 398 head needs a rebuild and has holes from the KJet injectors. So basically, will my 160 head work on my b21ft, and will. I need anything else to get rid of the KJet? My plan was to take my LH 2.1 manifold and fuel rail with injectors, along with the AMM and idle control valve, and the distributor. I will leave my current Lh 2.1 wiring in the car. Am I missing anything?
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