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Originally Posted by John242Ti View Post
Yes. You are missing something. A 1984 245DL or GL has LH 2.0, not 2.1. LH 2.1 is turbo compatible, since it came only in turbo cars, namely the 1984 760 Turbo.

It'll be easier to update to LH 2.2 and use the 700 Turbo EZK system with a B230 LH 2.2 distributor. Head-wise, I'd stick with the turbo head, but have it rebuilt and the injector holes plugged. Either that, or take both heads to a machine shop and have them swap the guts of the 398 head into the 160 head. Turbo heads have sodium filled valves, which are nice to have (albeit not really necessary if you're running stock boost).

So, stuff you'll need:

Engine harness for an LH 2.2 240 (I'd go with either a replacement harness, or find one from an '88 car, since it'll have no rot)
LH-Jetronic ECU (last three digits either 517 or 541)
EZK ignition module and wiring from a 1988-89 740 Turbo (likely no rot)
1985-88 B230F distributor from a 240
Ballast resistor pack and greentop injectors from the 740 donor car (or find compatible injectors that have the desired flow rate)
B21 head gasket set
A machine shop to do the aforementioned guts swap into and rebuild of LH-Jet head.

Actually, I see what you mean. The numbering is so confusing to me. What technically would be the issue with running my current 160 head with the LH 2.0 on the B21FT (with the dizzy from my b23) I don't see why It wouldn't work unless there's a fuel issue I don't understand.
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