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Let's go back to basics for a minute using an overly simplistic example.

Standard atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1 bar or 100 kPa or 14.5 psi. This is the pressure that a NA engine has to work with. Now, for discussion, let's say that you add a turbo with 14.5psi of boost and a [fictional] intercooler that drops the boosted air temperature back to ambient. With this, you're running twice the airflow as a NA engine! Wow, double the engine size under boost, no wonder folks love turbos!

So, for our 2x boosted engine, we need:
- An ECU that's programmed to handle 2x boost and associated airflow. NA ECUs don't go this high.
- Injectors that can supply 2x fuel compared to NA
- A fuel pressure regulator that can supply 2x the fuel with 2x intake pressure
- A fuel pump that can keep up
- An ignition system (EZK) that's programmed to handle 2x boost. NA EZKs don't go this high.

If you convert your NA B23 to NA LH2.2, that's an OK start but you'll still need to upgrade to Turbo ECU, EZK, injectors, fpr, pump. A chart of Volvo ECUs is here (among other places):

Yes, a megasquirt conversion may be easier for you. MegaSquirt can be challenging to setup and tune on your own without help. I'd post in wanted for someone local who can show you their megasquirt install and talk you through all the steps. Maybe it's for you, maybe not.

[On other stuff, STSmachining offers nice KJet injector plugs so you can keep your KJet head and add a B230 intake manifold with its own injector holes.]
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