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Originally Posted by linuxman51 View Post
snatched up some stumps, putting in a hit on some clay and gravel to expand the 'skirt' in front of the shop. And got some ubiquiti goodies to finally get that there internet to the shop.
I could bring a projector to throw videos up on a wall if you think that might help provide some entertainment.
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If its a solid stage 0, +t it. If it aint, +t it anyway.
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easiest way to run 11's is to build a 9 second car and turn it down a little.
My Project (It's a 1979 244DL...sort of.)
K-Jet to Megasquirt Article

The Departed: 1981 245, 1983 245 Turbo, 1983 244 Turbo, 1983 242 Turbo, 1984 244, 1985 245 Turbo, 1989 244, 1989 765, 1990 245 Turbo, 1991 244, 1992 245, 1997 855
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