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Since I have only been on snow skis once, and I like speed, I will pass on the snow. But thanks!

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Since you mention that you want to see forests.....

Depending upon your time in Wa, you should drive up to Paradise on Mt. Rainier.

That time of the year, you can make a loop of it rather than one way in/out. Go up HWY7 out of Spanaway and back down HWY123/HWY12 back to I5. Depending upon the weather there may still be some snow. You can have a snowball fight in July. Did that last year. I was up there a couple weekends ago and there is ~12' of snowpack.

The wildly twisty road is a bonus. You go from essentially sea level to 5400 ft in about an hour.
So south to Morton, east to Packwood, north and east to Cliffdell, south and west past Silver Beach?


I wonder if I can work in Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood. Bridge of the gods?
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Have you ever seen a cat, with fries in its mouth, beat up a dog?
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You should beat up the cat with a cheeseburger in your mouth to assert dominance
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