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Default Dyno not important , just sheets to look at?!

We all start with tools here sir. Thats how cars are built. Humor me and share your trap speed and et since you jumped right into opposition , not four minutes after I posted this. I don't mind. Actually , you bring up a great point, it would be really cool to see both. Anyone on here have a quarter mile runs, and a dyno run from around the same time? I know Linuxman51 does. That is really what tells the complete story. A dyno run not only shows power, but it shows torque, and what rpm all of it happens, along with other real world data. Not to mention you can set up the car for optimum power potential. A quarter mile trap speed and et tell the story of how good the power gets to the ground. ..I have been street tuning my car for a while. Its hella dangerous. Not very effective honestly. Alot more safe / time efficient, money efficient, to dyno tune, before you go to the track. It's the natural order of things. Some decide to go straight from the build to the track. For those that have already been to a dyno and sorted things out, the type of guys that just build and go to the track are a huge pain in the ass. They break everything, leak everything, and are a danger to everyone around them and generally the slowest. Thier lack of preparation shows how much they really care about what they are doing. The people that have dynoed , are ready to rip, they still break things, but keep in mind they have a bit more knowledge about almost all of it. They know thier a/f is right, and ignition timing potential is at its best! They know how much thier car makes and how fast it should be at the track, so now its time to tune suspension and brakes , right? Because they know where they should be- because dyno results!!! They know the engine will hold up when they mash the throttle... Time to figure out why it isn't making that et! When you dyno your car before taking it to a track you are much more ahead of the pack already . My 25 years of personal experience in drag racing, 1/8 and 1/4, wrenching and driving. Get the full story. Be ahead of the game at any opportunity. People have been wondering for years how fast my car is. They say, "Whats it make? "First question from everyone, other than "is that real?" Up until now I said" makes me happy.". Now I can say 404 at the tires on a bad day. The rest is up to driving ability , street prep and suspension drivetrain prep, and consistancy. Most people use a dyno to know potential of power then pull out ignition timing to get traction, essentially detuning the engine to suit the surface. That says little about the cability of power an engine can make. Throttle by wire is a easier way to control power delivery but has its caveats as well. I think its also important to remember that dyno sessons are test and tune for future track time. A durability test, before the durability test. Show your numbers! Share your experiences! Having said all the above, dont let anyone bs you that dyno numbers are useless. They obviously just dont know any better. It took me this long to dyno my car, because I knew it wasnt ready yet. Thats why I dont have a track time yet. The natural order of things..
If you had the audacity , to doubt my veracity, and even to insinuate, that I scrupulously prevaricate ,such an insignificant question. Then you must hallucinate before you comprehend.

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