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a motley crew

Now that the car was on wheels it was easier to work on in my spare time. Being able to roll it in and out of the garage seemed like a luxury.

With the big push to get it rolling out of the way, I took some time to pull things off of the '92 and move them over to the 242. Everything was getting moved, so it was a crash course in 240's. Spent more time cleaning things and stinking of kerosene.

I had a lot of Rust Bullet left so I gave the tank a coat. I painted the tank and the brake booster with thinned Rustoleum through a Harbor Freight hvlp gun, I was happy with how it came out.

Put the tank in, along with the fuel pump/filter housing. I had read that I would need to mod the filler neck to get the '92 tank in, but it went in fine for me.

Ran fuel and brake lines

Yes, decided to keep the ABS when I moved the brakes over. Not sure if I'll get mixed reactions, but A) my donor car had ABS and B) I like the idea of having working ABS in the car. Would be nice to keep that side of the bay a little cleaner but it's a sacrifice. The bracket for the module had a raised part that matched an indentation in the '92's strut tower. The '79 didn't have that dent, so I had to cut the bracket flat. Otherwise everything else moved right over.

Also swapped over the firewall panels and pedal box from the newer car and ran the harnesses through. Just going to run the LH2.4 harness as is. Eventually if I'm feeling ambitious I'd like to build a harness for the MS and clean up some of the unnecessary wiring.

I covered the interior firewall and trans tunnel with some low budget sound deadening; Frost King duct insulation from Home Depot. It's foil/foam self adhesive, plenty of car guys online use it and seem to like it. Plus, cheap! Put in the later blower motor with the AC stuff pulled out of it and laid the dash wiring in. I've never had a car apart like this before so this was pretty intimidating, lots of pieces of tape.

At this point it was Fall and I was ready to put a motor in it. We pulled the b230ft out of the 745 and sent it where it belonged. Et tu, Volvo?

We pulled the T5/flywheel/clutch off of the '92 and put it on the b230ft. Also moved over the RSI Poly motor mounts, auxiliary shaft, put a timing belt on it and moved over the adjustable cam gear, did oil seals, and put on a Bosch 100amp alt from my wrecked 940. I pulled the intake manifold off of the NA motor which had an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and a yoshifab adapter to a 960 3" throttle body.

At this point I would have loved to strip the block all down, clean it and paint it nice and shiny red. BUT I had the motor and transmission on the hoist in the front of Dad's garage, and he wanted it out. Since I had been thinking I would build another engine and just drive this one until it's ready, we just dropped it in. I can give it a washing in the bay later.

Now that the engine was out of the way I wanted to seal up the inside of the car since it was sleeping outside. Got to work with a hammer and chisel and exposed the uglies in the floor pans. Luckily nothing was too bad.

Everything got scraped, cleaned, ground, sanded and coats of Rust Bullet. Then used multiple layers of heavy fiberglass sheet over any bad spots. It cured nice and sturdy and should do the trick for what was there. I added another coat of Rust Bullet of top of the glass after this was taken so it just looks silver.

with the engine in the car I just started working on wiring. I didn't take any pictures because there wasn't much to show, but since it was my first time it took a while to go through and figure everything out. Moved over the ignition stuff, routed everything and started connecting stuff. Hard part was just trying to remember or figure out where things went, should have taken way more disassembly pictures but it really slows down the pace.

With the wiring in the engine bay pretty figured out it was time to throw a battery on it and power things back up. Plugged in the instrument cluster, hooked up some grounds and clicked the key over, power! Instrument panel lit up, megasquirt had power. I had put 5 gallons of 93 in the tank so we gave it a crank: no start. At this point I didn't even have Tuner Studio but it wasn't hard to figure out that there was no spark. Pushed it back out and started doing my megasquirt homework.

Through some reading and helpful responses from Kenny we were able to figure out the problem. The jumper on the EZK connector had a wire going to the wrong pin and MS wasn't getting the ignition signal.

With that moved to the right spot we tried again, instant success! It started just about right away. I still hadn't downloaded TS for some reason, so this was just on the NA map that was loaded in the ecu. I had moved over 850t orange top injectors so it was running rich and stumbly, BUT it was running. First start was 12/27/13

Put the driveshaft in, hooked up the clutch cable and on 12/31/13 it moved under it's own power for the first time in over 12 years. Almost exactly one year since I first saw the car. It was pig rich and wouldn't idle, but I was really excited to see it being a car again. Drove it about a quarter mile and parked it in the greenhouse built this year for storage.

Now I can drive the car in and out of the garage while I keep going on the big to do list, intercooler, exhaust, tuning, put an interior in it...

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