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Okay, so after a long transport, she arrived, but not without issue... lol

Hood flipped up on the highway while on the trailer that she was moving on. Driver didn't strap it down, whatever, **** happens. I have her in my possession now, and it was a cheap tow for 550km

Does anyone have a coffin hood? Or maybe Ill just flat hood it. But I was really starting to dig coffin hoods. I put the piece of wood there and I was able to pop out the dent, but the hinges are so f'ed, and the hood is like a mountain range.

Broken taillight too. Little help? anyone have a spare?

First thing I did was clean all the grime off, she has been sitting for 2 years(damn time flies).

I forgot I had gotten the engine all ready to pull out! Should make quick work of that this weekend so I can fix the clutch. Also going to try and bend the clutch/brake pedal box back into position instead of buying one. Anyone have a picture of a not bent clutch pedal box?

So if anyone in the Ottawa/Montreal area has some parts, I would love to get some to get this car going. I was on the lookout for a hydro clutch setup too.
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