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Originally Posted by DarkKratoz View Post
! Yeah, I'll take a look, maybe they have the info in my past orders!
Edit: Yup! B8.5D-RHP is your number!
Did you do your heater control panel yet? What does it look like?
Final edit: I'm jealous of the working light in your headlight switch.
Thanks! I haven't done the heater control panel nor any of the dash switches yet. Have you?
Originally Posted by mafoose View Post
I don't see anything about this sale, can you link it?
Oh, it's a coupon code sent to me because I haven't bought anything recently, apparently.

Try it: SBL9014
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mtd240: I suspect "the wives" have a super-secret forum to discuss whether or not they will let us buy Volvo parts.
DavidSamuels: Not a website, a panel discussion/reality show. Real Housewives of Gothenburg.

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