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Originally Posted by Wejjmeister View Post
So, I acquired this beauty from a guy in the UK. Decent car, runs well and I have enjoyed driving it for a few months before starting to notice areas where it needed a few tweaks.

The car started its life in Ontario and was orginally swapped by STS Engineering. It came to the UK completed, but the owner decided to put a slightly modified crate LS3 in it.
The car started here in Portland, Oregon

Originally Posted by Harlard View Post
It's really weird to me to see that car. I have known of it for 12+ years as it lived in Simon's back yard. Can't remember for sure but I think it had an LSD rear axle off of one of my old cars in it at some point.

You should not have a whole lot of problems with the stick rear end as long as it's well set up.
It now has a 8.8 with a LSD. Your old rearend is in my wagon now with the trutrack.
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