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As Ive mentioned, I am making a custom loom. The rear is complete now, and only needs the final loom tape adding to finish it off. I have incorporated a few little extras for the future as I will add a fuel cell in the near future with a PWM controlled pump, so a couple of extra cables have been added.

The original loom was ok in the rear of the car, but I have tidied a few bits and also made the entire loom pluggable. I used Deutsch connectors throughout so that individual parts of the loom can be removed if ever the need arises.

The route of the original loom had been moved:

I think it was originally designed to run along the bottom of the boot (trunk) floor?

Also a lot of the clips and wires were open and I was worried about shorts when using the boot.

It is all now as low profile as I can make it to the panels. In this photo it is temporarily cable tied and the sticky pads will be removed. This was only for me to work out the routing. I will remove it and add loom tape, and then clip it into place more securely.

I may eventually make some aluminium bead rolled panels and Dzus clip them to the inside of the boot area to protect things a little better. Depends on the fuel cell...

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