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Bought the car from local Simon for the True Trac rear end. I had no intention of LS swapping the car. I actually sold the car twice when it was LS swap. Once with an Automatic trans, bought it back 2 years later. We reupholstered the interior and did a T56 manual swap 8.8 and few suspension mods. Sold the car to phil in the UK
Seems like it was a boomerang car for you then .

Its Phil that sold the car to me… I think he regretted it but I paid a good price.

Took a couple pf pics of the new fronts today, terrible pictures as theyre in the container but…

A set of Rotiform RSE 18 x 8.5" and I have aero discs too to fit them front & rear. Tyres are Nankang NS-2R 235/40 x 18

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