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So I've started to notice, after bypassing the compensator, my temp reads a bit high. It never gets really uncomfortable hot, maybe a needle-width's above middle most of the time, is this normal? If not, what should I check for the cause?
this has been beaten to death.
the compensator was used to avoid questions exactly like this.
the cause is bypass of the board.
Did you not read any of the threads talking about this?
as above, use an IR thermometer on thermostat housing to eval ACTUAL temp and correlate to the gauge. the needle will not always be deadlocked on 9pm, actual temps vary slightly.

Short answer, the red zone is bad, below that, relax.

Great rela life demonstration what frustrated Volvo enough to make the faker a thing
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Dammit, Lummert.
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Well keep us updated on how your dumbass plan goes.
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