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Tonight, I pulled apart the stock igniter and stole the heatsink. I used my tap and die set to tap the first hole in my life. It worked surprisingly well and my j702t igniter now bolts down perfectly and will look factory. Thanks supreme940 for the info.

I got my wires loosely laid out and twisted all my connections together. I checked everything twice. Turned the key and I could tell it wanted to fire up but didn't. I've read several times during my research that 1-4 and 2-3 may need switched. I pulled apart my temporary connections and made the swap. It fired up immediately and nice and smoothly. Another local friend also had to swap those two connections, in case anyone else has that issue.

This was all quite exciting. It was really my first dive into wiring anything. Tomorrow, I'm going to hopefully hard mount everything. I've got to pick up some heat shrink and heatsink paste still. But then I'm going to get some more soldering experience and finalize all the connections. I'm excited to finish this small project.

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