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This is what $40 gets me. Seem legit with the right part number off an '05 s60r. O rings seem fine to me so I guess just run them? I still have to find/buy an 012 amm to go with them.

I got my solders done and heat shrinked for the wasted spark setup. I could not find heatsink paste of any kind at any of the auto parts near me. Google says Walmart and best buy, so should be fine tomorrow. Really the main thing left is making a bracket to hold the coil. Oh! Another question, I got the 702 igniter for the tach driver. Do I connect that to... Which wire to regain my tach? Will read on it.

I'm looking forward to taking my distributor off. To plug the hole, is it really just that cap thing? I have one of those plates to hold the cap in place also.
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