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So, I will not complete my project on this vacation (5 days in a row off). What can I say, I work slow. I got some quality time in with the fam and helped my brother a bit with his car. So, that took priority.

I searched all through town for some sort of heatsink paste. AutoZone, advance Auto, O'Reilly's and Walmart turned up nothing in stock. Best buy had this. It ought to do the trick.

It said apply directly on to the surface so this is what I came up with.

Put it all together and it bolts to the inner fender like the factory unit. How far do people go as far as removing the stock igniter wiring and connector? I can't imagine ever reverting.

I haven't tested yet, but to answer my own question, it seems connecting the red/white wire from the stock igniter harness to the tach out on this j702t igniter *should* give me a working tach. We'll see soon enough.

I will say i am not so sure of myself making a nice pretty bracket to mount the coil on where I want it. I seem to had forgotten my metal working skills and tools are near nil. I made a couple rough drafts but even in card board, they weren't what I want them to be. I may reevaluate this but I really want it where a 240 distributor lives.
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