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Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Wtf? I towed 240s with my 245 loaded up at 105F+ Ambient for 100+ mile trips with no temp issues ever. NPR plus e fan with Saab T and air to oil cooler

Something is wrong.
Do you have the front air dam and the belly pan in place?

Saab coolant tee is the difference here. Your efan will come on while on the highway whereas the temp probe will not. It would be nice to be able to hold temps without the fan coming on.
Originally Posted by alschnertz View Post

I'd question whether the 25-year old (+) radiator is flowing properly.
Nope all new

You guys are missing the point. Iím not complaining that my car is overheating, Iím simply wanting to see air ducting setups but i guess those are overrated.
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