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Slight problem

(insert Blown HG pics here, damaged fire rings)

thankfully bores, pistons & head are all OK. I leak tested the piston/rings/bores - 16inHg on each, consistent & even.

I need to revise the timing map before I drive it again.

This is the Fiat spec range

What I have, using the NA EZK116

I'll load the Turbo map for starters, and maybe take some more off that.

Since I don't know what actual values I get in use, and where the load range falls on my 1600 vs 2300 - I may be , must be getting way to much timing in the part load range. All the fire rings are hammered around the bore, just those two pushed out.

EDIT: I'll have to try BeePee's LH datalogger mod (I'm using the 951 ECU)....

Dallara body work coming along - 960 lip added to the front spoiler & C30 rocker panel for the side front to rear integration


My XR July2013 - 446AWHP @ 8K rpm

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