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Installed the harness, Power stage & coil pack today. Removed the distributor, coil & standard terminal wire set.

Didn't start, so I checked the continuity for all the power connections. Every looked good. I had removed the ground for the stock power stage (which I forgot included the ECU ground), so I reattached that, and it tried to fire. Didn't sound right at all, so I reversed wires for 1-4 with 2-3, and it fired right up. I had wired IB1 to output 1 & IB2 to output 2 on the daughter card, OC1 to coil pin 3, and OC2 to coil pin 1

- based on this diagram

So, it seems the coil connections are inaccurate - I definitely have OC1 going to coil pin 3 & OC2 going to coil pin 1.

Coil pack & isolater board location

Power stage & heat sink location

Wires in place, distributor removed


My XR July2013 - 446AWHP @ 8K rpm

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