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You did what to a Volvo?
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Man I gotta say, you really should read my posts before you make comments like that. You obviously did NOT read what I said in the first post "Please ignore the messy underhood shots. Again, I still have a lot of organizing to do" Aside from some of the colored wire which will be rerouted, a lot of that is old crap from the EFI and a/c that I haven't removed yet. I'm a 21 year old with very limited funds for this project, and have to get to one thing at time. Most of that was just to make sure my engine was gonna even run before I took time making it all pretty. And as for "decent reliable car and turned it into a hack job" the car was falling apart when I got it. What you don't you see is a chassis with every piece of rubber replaced, rebuilt driveline, completely new brake components on all 4 corners. Please take your chastising elsewhere. Notice the title says PROJECT?
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