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The next installment...

RHD conversion

Fitting the brake servo and master cylinder to my fabricated bracket. I am using a modified 144 RHD cross beam. The brake components aren't too old, so they were just resprayed and refitted.

Steering column, pedal box, cross beam bracket and RHD 164 steering box fitted.

Engine bay & bodywork

Engine-bay wiring is partially refitted (the rubber mat is a precaution to avoid any drips of brake fluid on the new paint). I will be making something to hide the ugly row of mismatched relays and wires on the left inner wing. Although Volvo originally left these on display, I think it's messy and spoils the look of the 164 engine bay, so mine will have a neat cover.

Right inner wing with the stonechip completed (I ran out when doing this originally).

Both inner wings painted with black chassis paint

Wiper motor and manifold pressure sensor cleaned up and refitted, and some more of the wiring back in place

Coil refitted

Front panel part-way through de-rusting

Modifying the front panel to accept the intercooler.

A close-up of the parts cut out. It's similar on both sides of the car

Here's the trial fitting, showing where intercooler will be mounted. There is more work to do here yet. If I use the original radiator, I'll need to modify the side pieces. I also need to make some brackets to hold the radiator at the top (like the 240 & 740 have) because the original 164 mountings (at the sides) had to be removed to make the intercooler fit. Further mods are needed to reposition the radiator expansion tank and PAS reservoir, and to accommodate an air filter box at the front of the engine bay. So it will be a long time before I can paint the panel.


My seats. They are from a Japanese market mid '90s Mazda RX7. I chose these because they are similar to the '70s Volvo P1800ES seats, which I was thinking of using, but these have much better support bolsters. They will be reupholstered in leather to match the 164, with box-pleats added to the centre section to match the 164 rear seat.

Subframe fabricated to attach the RX7 seats to Volvo 140 brackets (which are shown in primer)

I have moved the hand-brake to the right hand side.


Finally, a very nice package through the mail from Norway... my wheels!

They are 17x8.5 Super DTM, correct fit for RWD Volvo with no spacers. Having said that, the rear wheel arch clearance will be very tight, so some ingenuity will be needed there. I couldn't find a UK distributor, and for some reason the Swedish dealers won't ship abroad. In the end, I managed to track down a company in Norway who would ship to the UK.


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