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Hi folks,

Thanks for the positive comments, very motivating to read sitting here!

A few responses:

Originally Posted by t5 pete View Post
This looks a really good project when are you hopeing to get it done by
There is no target date... it's a hobby and if I feel like a break I take one. Sometimes the money runs out and I also have some other projects coming up, such as building a new garage to put this lot in! So, overall, I would put it at 1 to 2 years from now for completion.

Originally Posted by fige View Post
My friend just got a 164.

That's a really nice project, and I'm sure, an inspiration to a lot of 164 owners
I hope so; I love the 164 and it's a more capable car than people think. Smooth 160bhp stock for an E in europe (175bhp SAE) and the only real weakness in standard form is the roll and understeer, but dual front anti-roll [sway] bars or an IPD bar, with nothing else done, makes a huge difference. This is the one mod every 164 should have.

(Well, actually, the other problem on an auto is the gearbox, but I guess that's the same with most 70's autos? In the late '80s I had a '75 164E auto; and had the auto box checked as being in good health. Later I converted it to an M410 and, with nothing else done, it felt like it gained 30 to 40% more power. Subjective feel of performance went from 'not bad but a bit frustrating' to 'this is quick enough to really surprise people'.

I wonder if anybody has ever retro fitted a more modern 80s/90s auto box with 4+ speeds and lock-up? That would make a nice 164 because the auto does suit the character of the car).

Originally Posted by ovlover View Post
Beautiful car. Its a credit to you. Will be nice to see when its done and on the road, also more updates. ahah if you were going to call it an RS, you shouldve called it a Porsche lol.
There is a logic to the name. I thought it would too sad to explain it, but since you raised the point...

I thought of 164GT, Volvo used the tag for tuning upgrades. Then I thought 'what would Volvo call it if it was a step beyond a GT?'. I thought 164R, then 164R Supercharged, then just 164RS. As well as Porsche, Ford (& maybe others?) used the RS tag in the early 70s so I settled on that (even though a supercharger not definite at the start of the project).

Originally Posted by ovlover View Post
I just loaded all of it......dial up...... and im amazed. That is brilliant. It is awsome to see the extensive work you have done. Bloody brilliant mate. Makes me think twice about cars that a small amount of rust on the OUTSIDE. Good work mate. I cannot wait to see the continuing process and final product. Saving this link so i can come back to it when it gets lost.
Wow, thanks for getting it all through dial-up. Hope it doesn't cost you too much!

Yeah, there is always more rust than you can see (even when you can't see any!). I'm sure your climate in OZ will be kinder to car bodies. The vast majority of 164s in the UK rusted away long ago; they were already quite rare here 20 years back. My car was put into dry storage in Switzerland for 15 years, and this has helped it last fairly well for a European car.

I am focused on the final outcome and I have a clear picture in my mind. However, I don't work fast (it's a fun hobby, not a job) and have lot's of other things to do, so don't hold your breath!

Originally Posted by Vee_Que View Post
Holy crap. That is one of the most extensive projects on this board at the moment I think, the amount of work you're putting into it makes everyone else doing little bits here and there seem like amateurs, other then BB-Q, who is basically making a whole car..
BBQ's 142 is awesome... mine is like a wash and polish compared to that! We are amateurs, but have fiddled with lots of cars over the years and built up experience by trial and error. Also have the very big asset of a close friend who, in the 70's, was a mechanic for a vintage racing outfit (300bhp 30's Lagonda and supercharged V8 Morgan that would pass a GT40 on the straight), and also he used to do bodywork and paint to show standard.

Originally Posted by Vee_Que View Post
Using the stock Volvo IC isn't the best idea however, they are thin and don't flow that well, that other one you have pictures is a lot thicker core and bar and plate, so it will flow a lot better then the Volvo one.
Yeah, I've had similar feedback. I do need an intercooler that is quite thin for space reasons (plus big frontal area, not thickness, gives good heat transfer). The alloy IC in the photo is really too small I think, but I have been recommended to try an IVECO turbo-diesel truck intercooler which is similar size to the Volvo 740 one but thicker. Anyway, the final call on this will wait until the engine is back in because I need to be able to measure accurately. The standard 164 water-pump has a long 'nose' which restricts space, but it could maybe be shortened? Jobs for later.

Originally Posted by b4_ford View Post
Cool project. What are the details of the supercharger and engine build? Have you nailed down details or are you still in the planning stages? I just got a '75 164 with an auto that I'm trying to figure out what to do with.
Engine spec... more than planning, but not fully nailed down.

It is not a 'max power' project. I am seeking a reliable 250-270bhp for road use
I don't want it highly stressed; I am hoping to get at least 70 or 80k miles before another rebuild is needed
Strong torque and good drivability
Reasonable fuel consumption when cruising

I have worked out the spec using Corky Bell's excellent book, "Supercharged!"

The definites (95+%):
Fully rebuilt & balanced
Reduced CR (10:1 standard in euro B30E)
Heavy duty oil pump
Mild flow work on the head
Pistons to cope with boost/heat. Forged pistons, or ceramic coated (I may have to use a 74 or 75 metric B30 because I could then use B21 forged pistons)
Oil cooler & remote mount oil filter
Higher flow fuel pump
Supercharger (Eaton M62)
Megasquirt (or similar) for fuel and ignition. Knock sensor. OE injectors will flow enough
Extractor exhaust manifold [header] & custom large bore system
Different air flow meter (don't know which yet)
OE inlet manifold, modded to accept AFM
Cone type air filter with cold air feed

The possibles:
Larger exhaust valves
Over-bore to 3.2
Water injection (fit later if needed)
Electric water pump

If the B30 has the nerve to blow up after all that work, I'll weld a chain on top, sell it as a boat anchor and drop a Chevy LS in there!

Cheers all

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