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1985 volvo 240 wagon DELuxe. 225k auto runs strong- salvage title (someone bought it from a wrecking yard 5 years ago). got it for $300
pretty much original everything but comes with 134a ac volvo converted

1983 volvo 240 sedan deluxe. 54k orignal miles - wrecked . super clean brown interior got it for 800.00 but it comes with
less them 5k miles on
- michelins
- ipd exhaust
- bilstein HDs
- ipd sways
- brakes
- ignition
- cooling (waterpump , tstat, radiator)
- keenwood headunit and speakers

the day i got it the wagon

engine was covered with years of oil (cant tell from the pic)

other side

got this about 30 days later.

Wagon will be my wife's dd and I will take her 850 as mine.
plan is to transfer everything possible to the wagon, add a turbo, flat hood, low etc
sell of everything else from the donor including the brown interior

some "progress"

got a super steam cleaner at work
did this to the wagon

next came the suspension and looks
I installed front and rear: ipd sways, bilstines yellows, B&G lowering springs. Flat hood, grille and single rounds. (went from double monitors - double rounds with turbo grille - single round and flat grille) I also became part of the Black Hoods Club.

some comparison between stock and B&G springs

stock sway vs ipd

final result in rear

final result in front

side shots next morning

front setup #2 - also installed front spoiler

"VS" classic mod on a 240 - moved the horns

moved the under front bumper
Posted Image

front set up #2.5 - in between hoods
Posted Image

final product

next came the interior
this is what 26 years worth of usage looks likes. found about $5 worth of change and most of it came from the parking brake lever
I also found some small rust spots... more on that later

driver rear

small rust spots i thought turned out to be rather big (for California that is)

removed all the old sound detoning stuff and applied roofing insulation (don't want to argue this with anyone stuff works and does not smell)

had to cut out a part of driver seat frame support to get to all the rust

and driver rear rust cut out

I forgot to take pictures of some of the floor repair but here is the final product before i painted it. got the rust free part from parts car

as you can see Swedish production isn't always 100% parts car was starting to have the same issue. note the lack of sealant under the seat support

painted result and then insulated

thenI stopped taking pictures

friends at work call it 'The Chariot'

- got aligned
- rebuild valve body assembly with new seals and check balls from Toyota.
- shimmed shift solenoids
- replaced driver seat frame (original was broken and leaning to one side)
- have about 6 set of wheels for it
- rear seat got upgraded to one with headrests
- installed 3rd seat (seat belts will go in this week)
- retrofired late-model trunk floor board to fit (no more metal garbage)
- tune up - spark plugs, wires, dizz cap, rotor, msds coil, BG fuel cleaner, etc
- ipd sport exhaust
- wife did not like the flat hood so back went the coffin lid

around march it was back on the road and registered. took a first road trip through a local canyon with wife and kids.

took this while double square headlight bucked were getting powder coated
I kind of like it with the single lights and coffin hood

one from the back

on that trip we found a Montgomery ward bike from the 70s in the bushes next to a rest stop. all original made in Germany. even had the original tires made in Czechoslovakia. Someone must have unloaded it and forgot about it. (will post some pictures of this)

thanks for looking. will post some more pictures this week and as I get more done with it.

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