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Default 242 + e46m3 = 262 W (episode 2)

I said I wouldn't build another 240.......
I said I wouldn't EVER own another black car...

Then stumbled upon this at a local JY
burned e46 m3 with 6 speed manual 105k.... $540 after taxes


a week later I picked up a 1982 242 T to start building it up
Thanks Luke and Gary

Then yesterday (10/11/14) I stumbled upon CJs old 242..... Couldn't pass up the deal
Thanks again Luke and Gary
I just saved myself 6 months worth of work.

parts that will go on black 262

parts I have
early flathood grille/lights
240 LSD

I will try to get these mounted e46 coilovers with spindles - look really close (I paid $62 for the pair)
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I love you even more Jack.
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Don’t bother, I would literally rather throw them away than give you the pleasure. I will never sell to you.
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I expect nothing less from an incel like you, Jack.

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