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Originally Posted by volvobrage View Post
Ronal turbo Wheels are so awesome!What size are they??
Both Wheels and engine have redicolus prices, where do you get all that stuff?:p
I might get the turned into 3 piece by Alex or at a shop

Originally Posted by 240240 View Post
Jack is sleeping with the chubby chola cashier at the junkyard to get his hookups.
I wish

Originally Posted by Leon_pp View Post
very good price for the engine.
HEre in France that kind of engine is something like 3000/5000$
thats the going price here also

Originally Posted by Stiggy Pop View Post
mmmhmm black 242's
Originally Posted by Switch3d View Post
**** you got the steal of a lifetime on that motor and trans. Also dont lose those center caps on the ronals. They are quite hard to come by.
super stoked to see where this is going to go.
Originally Posted by Rfoltz53 View Post
Im excited to see this build for sure! Love how you are picking up the parts for crazy cheap also!
Thanks guys
I also have a GT cluster I got for ... $15 (1/2 off sale) that I restored that might go into this thing. (depending if I can get the speedo to work somehow
Backing plate for late dash was made by volvogt

And a set of E21 Recaros that will go into this thing. $45 (1/2 off sale also)
they need new upholstery but you can get a kit on ebay for $350

Originally Posted by badvlvo View Post
Nice to see CJ's shell is coming back to life.
I still need to pick it up from him. I wasnt expecting to buy another car while at the show... It will have to wait two more weeks. I'm going hunting this week to Idaho.
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Originally Posted by paul buck View Post
I love you even more Jack.
Originally Posted by BritishBrick
Don’t bother, I would literally rather throw them away than give you the pleasure. I will never sell to you.
Originally Posted by Tuesday View Post
I expect nothing less from an incel like you, Jack.

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