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Default No Crank or No Start


Photo courtesy of cleanflametrap

- STEP 1: Check for spark! Safest for you and your car is a timing light, but without one, unplug ignition wire going from the coil to the distributor. Ground it very close to a strut tower stud like in the picture above. Crank the engine. Do you see spark? If you see a consistent spark, go to the next step and do the starting fluid test. If no spark, inspect Crankshaft Sensor/Hall Sensor and do ignition diagnosis.

-STEP 2: STARTING FLUID! This will confirm that ignition, timing and mechanicals of the engine are good with one fast and easy test:

TO USE STARTING FLUID: Unplug the fuel injectors, pull the spark plugs and clean them of any fuel, crank the engine and air out the cylinders. (This will clear out any flooding of the cylinders from trying to start the engine.) Then reinstall the spark plugs, LEAVE INJECTORS UNPLUGGED, disconnect intake hose at throttle body, open throttle body, give it two long sprays, crank. Start? If so, you have a fuel system issue. YOUTUBE VIDEO ("test fire without any fuel lines even installed in the car yet.)

If your car runs on starting fluid, the fuel system is suspect. Check for 12v at the fuel pumps/fuel pump fuse with the engine cranking. Check fuel pressure. A gauge that will bolt onto the fuel filter outlet (12mm banjo) is available from auto parts stores for a refundable deposit.

-Nothing wrong with doing a compression test!

-Check belt timing. The cam, crank, and aux shaft (on 240) all need to be aligned correctly.

-Check ignition timing. Approx 12 degrees BTDC.


1: Battery above 12v?

2: Still no crank? Backprobe yel/blu wire at starter. Crank. Have 12v? If not, neutral safety switch (if auto) or ignition switch suspect.

3. 12v at signal wire to starter and STILL no crank? Starter, battery, primary/ground wire issues.

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