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After a few years I decided to go with some Subaru WRX STI BBS’s, again a CL find for $300. Another set of adapters, and this is how it sits now.

So, another local now has a set of IPD springs. Sure, may as well, so those went on with a set of Koni yellow’s on the rear as well, still on the car at this point.
Now, traction issues…yup, got them, track time aren’t getting any better. Around 2008 I found a G80 rear end for cheap, so that went into the car, stock rear end went into the stockpiles. After that ended up not working out quite as well as I’d hoped, it was time to drop some money on this…

Great, that’s done, won’t have to worry about THAT for a while, so bushings are good, suspension is solid, handles great, but it’s starting to get some piston slap, and the boost can go up, so of course, boost first, but it needs an IC. Found an NPR for sale online, got that dropped in, made a big difference but got picked on at a few smog checks, so earlier this year I grabbed a do88 IC, dropped it in, should be good for physical appearances now. FYI, the do88 added a good bit of weight over the NPR as well, minimal butt dyno change in power though.

Okay, that’s dealt with, now onto the engine. Over the last 2 years I’ve been stockpiling parts, between bearings locally, a short-block 230FD block from the yard, and some shiny bits from JVAB, a 531 sourced from overseas, and a set of valves from RSI I ended up with this little beauty…

B230FD block and crank
Long H-beam’s, CP pistons from JVAB, 96.50mm
Crank/pistons/rods balanced to 0.00g
ARP rod bolts
Unorthodox Racing underdrive pulley
Block mount distributor
-10AN oil drain
Ishikawa crank scraper (my pic’s are the ones on his website)

Dropped that engine in, really did run nice, but within the first 20k it was really slappy again, also found oil pressure was dropping. Dropped the pan to find this…

Fixed (I thought)

This proved to NOT work, had the same failure later on, so it now has a single seal with a machined washer to support it, along with high-tack between seal and tube, seal and block/pump. Been much better, rock solid since.

Once I started digging into the slap, I ended up removing the head to find multiple issues coming into play. I was also able to check on why the valve clearances kept shrinking, at the rate of around .001” per 1k driven.
The block…

The head…


Plus these (last beehive spring kit from Knox)…

Head is assembled with custom valves from REV, 46mm stainless intakes, 38mm Inconel exhaust, all cut specifically for our heads, no funky issues installing them like the various off the shelf offerings out there. Cam is an IPD Turbo cam.
Block was honed out to smooth it, clearances are on the wide end of things. Cause for the failure, no spec sheet was provided with the pistons when ordered so my machinist called CP directly, telling them this was a high boost street motor. CP tech gave them the incorrect gap spec so the rings butted. New rings sourced, cut on the wide end of the range, but since I didn’t get a fresh block, it’s running around .0045” piston clearance, so it’s a bit slappy, but it’s alive and taking abuse.

Now, for boost. Remember that little 15G? Well, that lasted all of a couple years. Found a Holset HE341 for cheap, modded the downpipe, ported out the WG hole, removed the flapper and replaced with a cut down B20 exhaust valve I had laying around, and ran that for a couple years. Fun, but not good for street driving since it was so laggy until it woke up around 10psi. Would have been a little better on MS, but on LH, it just didn’t play well, unless you wanted to get sideways halfway thru the intersection.
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