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Default redblockpowered converts from 240 to 940

Hello folks. Long time listener, first time caller, I'm a 19 year old engineering student and a month ago I bought my first car, a 1993 944 Turbo. Prior to that I shared my dad's (shoestring on here, of cam timing measurement fame) 245 and raced a 245 in 24 Hours of LeMons as a part of Swedish Mafia Racing. Seeing the durability and simple design of the 240 over the course of years of endurance racing got me hooked on these cars, although I had originally wanted a SAAB 9000 for my first car to try and break the mold a little bit. Months of searching coupled with New England rust and the absurd devotion of SAAB owners made it clear that that wasn't going to happen.

After quite a bit of frustration looking for a turbocharged car with a manual transmission, I decided that it wouldn't be too big of a deal to try and manual swap a car that was hard to find in manual form, or not available configured as such in the US. Considering the help and spare parts I'd be able to steal/share with my dad as well as the relatively competent rustproofing the 940 seemed like a somewhat obvious choice. I settled on an M90 due to the swap being bolt-in, the peace of mind at higher power levels (vs. M47), and the ability to use 100% OE components. Now, I just needed to find a source for a transmission and a decent car to use as a starting point. I trolled craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for about a month before finding this fabulous machine:

Listed at $1400 and with somewhat dubious pictures, I headed down to Fairhaven, MA with my dad to look at this thing. The things I learned over the course of our examination of the car were as follows:

It worked.
The owner turned out to be sixteen years old and had been driving it every day with an expired inspection.
The body was straight and pretty rust-free.
It had some standard 16-year-old MODZ like terrible window tint, yellow fog light covers (which I actually liked please don't judge), and an eBay-spec manual boost controller.
Half of the exhaust fell off and the front sway bar was disconnected.
We didn't look inside the car. Oops.

I threw out a $1000 offer for ****s and giggles and he took it. The next week, we took two Virgos off of the 245 to replace the very destroyed rear tires along with some other miscellaneous spares down to Fairhaven and attempted to limp the car back home to Swampscott.

forgot to mention it's a SLAYER EDITION 940 \m/

With the Virgos in the rear, the car made it 70 miles just fine, with my dad (driving the car for safety/insurance reasons) speaking highly of its smoothness. Following it in my mom's BMW I noticed an astounding amount of body roll and a sagging left rear spring but not much else.

At home, a few of the dark secrets of the car were revealed including crumbly brake hoses, a busted power seat, an interior that smelled of cigarettes, and most unfortunately a cracked rear window hidden by the very illegal window tint. With the car at home, job 1 was to get the car ready for the rather strict MA state inspection.
1993 944 B230FT/M90 thread here:
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