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Originally Posted by thessejway View Post
Awesome work
You're gonna love that car

I too am going for swapping a manual trans into a 940. How hard was it to find an M90? I've been leaning towards a B&W T5 because I figured it wasn't worth trying to find an M90 in North America
It wasn't so bad. I got mine from Classic Swede in the UK, Dai was awesome throughout the whole process and the price was very reasonable (less than the car including freight) although getting one from the UK does mean you need to get a LHD clutch/brake pedal or just cut your brake pedal like I plan on doing. I still need to order my clutch disc and source a dog dish flywheel. The T5 has much more performance-oriented ratios but is also quite loud from what I've heard in addition to not being designed to fit in a 940.

I've seen little pilot bearing area spacers for the M90 used with a flat flywheel to approximate the thickness of the original dual-mass flywheel, does anyone know if I need one with a dog dish flywheel as well?

From Anthony Hyde: "Another issue is the length of the mainshaft - Initially the box mates to a thick dual mass flywheel (expensive), BUT if used with a Volvo flat flywheel the input shaft is not long enough to fit into the crank pilot bearing. An adaptor would be required, more info when a fix comes to light."

Low/uneven idle (resulting in stalling on the road) troubleshooting resulted in the discovery of a tear in the CBV diaphragm. Replaced the CBV with one off of a 15G I got on Craigslist, idle is normal now as far as I can tell. It's tough to troubleshoot the stalling without an inspection and that's a few days away. This car idles so much smoother than the 245 with the A cam, which rumbles like a cammed V8 until it comes up to temp.

Then to bring us up to speed (I don't have pictures of this stuff so I'll just run right through it real quick) I cleaned out the IAC, the car developed a bunch of strange drivability issues and then threw an AMM code so I replaced it with our spare and bought a reman AMM from a guy on Craigslist for $35 as well as a gold EZK, which I'm not sure I plan on keeping. My dad made a brake line bracket for the left rear since the one that was there had rotted in half. The car had a fuel leak which was eventually determined to be caused by a pinhole in the fuel pump banjo fitting. The pump that's on the car now is very loud and unpleasant, but it works so I'm not sure how far down the to-do list it should be. Anyway, I pulled the cluster out and found a cracked joint, redid that and fixed a few others that were looking a bit dubious and now the fuel gauge works as intended.

Here's how it looked for a while when I was at school and couldn't do anything:

Seeing as we've lived in this house for not more than two months I'm sure our new neighbors were excited to see a 940 on jackstands in the driveway.

And here's how it looks now!

1993 944 B230FT/M90 thread here:
2x 1991 245 B230F/M47 (LeMons car, street car)
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