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Finally drove the damn thing for a reasonable amount of time, took it to New Hampshire for the Lemons race there and it was mostly trouble-free. The idle is still pretty strange and inconsistent, the car generally idles high if you put it in park while hot (soon enough the car won't have park and this will no longer be an issue), it will occasionally crank for a while before starting (hardly a big deal, waiting for the pump to prime mostly corrects this one) and most amusingly, my driver's side turn signal blew off at speed on I-93.

Have you seen me?

I got up at 5ish Monday morning to drive to eEuroparts in Connecticut and get a decent new one rather than another used one with delicate ancient plastic tabs that fly off if you look at them funny. Made it out of school's commuter lot before I got towed, got a decent turn signal, and made it back home in time for my first class of the day so I'd call it mission accomplished. I got about 22 miles per gallon in the ~800 miles I covered last weekend which is a little better than expected, but then again I was mostly on the highway and also making a sort-of deliberate effort to be economical.

The car barely features here but it's nice to include pics to try and attract those clicks

There's a little bit of wheel shake at speed and the initial bite on the brakes is really pretty subpar. It doesn't negatively impact my confidence while driving but I would like it to bite a little more. Maybe I've been spoiled by the Hawk pads in the 240. The driver's window makes a horrible noise when fully lowered, as if it wants to keep going down but obviously that's not possible. The door card will have to come off at some point to look at that but work is gonna slow down on this thing as it starts to get unpleasant outside here in Massachusetts. The vacuum lines and the grounds could use some attention/cleaning/replacement but overall I'm pretty happy with the car's performance. It's not very fast but it's comfortable and has good bones as the hosts of an HGTV show would say.
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